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Trafalgar Contracting is well-positioned in the Canadian marketplace as an industry leader in the development and construction of infrastructure. We have a roster of ongoing major projects here and abroad, record backlog diversified across multiple sectors and duration, and a robust pipeline of future project pursuits. We are in a strong market position, but we are ultimately aiming higher. Existing in the gap between consulting engineering and construction, Trafalgar’s Construction Services division ensures that the most innovative building techniques and products are available to our clients. Through active involvement in the whole project delivery process, and with research and development at its core, this group ensures that construction innovations in methods, equipment, and materials anywhere in the world are investigated and implemented on our projects.

We work alongside other engineering firms, bringing together a diverse mix of professionals who are instrumental in helping us solve some of the most challenging engineering problems across the nation. By empowering our employees to challenge the status quo and encouraging them to bring forth new ideas, we’re continuing our evolution as a company and, in the process, redefining our industry. Discover our vision powered by innovation and our skilled, flexible, and committed team!


With TAF Contracting, we have the know-how, skills and experience to cater to all of your home construction and/or renovation needs. Whether large or small our dedicated team of experienced tradesmen are on hand to deliver the home of your dream! Make your house a true home!

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